A Man’s Guide To Dressing Better (Part 3) - Chris Boudy
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A Man’s Guide To Dressing Better (Part 3)

Dec 31 2015

A Man’s Guide To Dressing Better (Part 3)

In part two of this series, we talked about the steps you can take on the road to dressing better. In the last series we discussed how to find the looks you like and shopping on a budget.

Finding Looks

One of the hardest things when you first start on this journey is finding your style. It was hard for me to find a look that fit me.

Two great resources that I found was Pinterest & The Art of Manliness. Pinterest is a great resource for finding mens styles. If you type in simple terms like “dress shirts”, “ties”, “trousers” you’ll see different looks that you’ll want to mimic. I’ve created several Pinterest boards dedicated to different clothing styles to help you out.

As I found looks that I liked, my next goal was to recreate the look for myself. Don’t buy outfits, think of clothes as pieces that you will buy individually and then put together to create an outfit. You also want to start with making sure you have the basics because you can do a power thing called mixing and matching

Look for Versatility

When shopping for items, one thing you should always look for is versatility.  We’ve all done it in our heads before when we ask ourselves “Will these pants go with this shirt?”  In the second article, we talked about starting off with the basics:  a handful of shirts, pants, belts, and shoes.  We do this because you use the power of versatility to create new outfits from your basic wardrobe.  Khaki pants, solid color dress shirts, brown or black dress shoes, a navy blue sport jacket are all perfect examples of items you can put with multiple combinations of clothes to extend your wardrobe.

Shopping On A Budget

Most of the looks of clothes you’ll see put together online for guys are expensive for the everyday man. As we said earlier, purchasing items and individual pieces will help you stretch your budget. Here are some ways you can maximize your spending money:

Thrift Stores

Thrift stores have donated clothes for extremely low prices. Some even have special days where clothes are even cheaper. The catch is looking through a lot of clothes to find gems hiding.

Consignment Shops

Consignment shops are similar to thrift stores whereby people donate or sell clothes. Here you’ll be able to find gently used or vintage items and they usually have a better selection because owners can be selective about what they take in.

Asking Friends

Have a friend around your size? Don’t be afraid to ask to raid their closet. A good sports jacket can be expensive but if a friend is willing to let you have it, take it.

Utilizing Birthdays & Holidays

You can ask for gift cards to mens clothing stores that you like to help you get items off your wish list.

Shopping Out of Season

This one is a no brainer but clothes are cheaper out of season. Try to buy shorts and tank tops in the winter months. See about buying jackets or scarfs in the warmer months.


Hopefully this series will get you started on the road to dressing better, feeling more confident, and upping your style!

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