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Geek Squad Academy

Technology Camp in New Orleans by Geek Squad

Geek Squad (the folks that fix your computers at Best Buy) has a technology camp coming to New Orleans this summer for boys and girls ages 10 to 17.  Geek Squad Academy provides an opportunity for students to develop tech skills, build self-confidence, spark creativity,...

How To Livestream On Multiple Social Media Accounts

The days of pre-recording a nicely curated video and then posting it are long and gone.  Long live Livestreaming!  I get why social media is moving to live streams.  In a world where we want information faster and quicker, we also want to know what... Will Make You Love Siri Again

If you're an iPhone user, raise your hand.  Now tell me when is the latest time you used Siri or even the Hey Siri feature?  Like me you've probably given up on Apple's AI that was suppose to make life easier.  I was lured in...

Nanodegrees: The New Wave For I.T. Career Advancement

I was able to have a taste of all three ways of advancing in my career. Self-taught, college degrees, and certifications. Let’s start the story in my high school days. I had fallen in love with web design and taught myself everything. I became a student...