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How To Livestream On Multiple Social Media Accounts

Apr 14 2017

How To Livestream On Multiple Social Media Accounts

The days of pre-recording a nicely curated video and then posting it are long and gone.  Long live Livestreaming!  I get why social media is moving to live streams.  In a world where we want information faster and quicker, we also want to know what people are doing faster and quicker.  As in right this minute.  There’s a beauty you can appreciate about livestreaming because it’s raw and unedited.  Sure you can throw a filter on it but once it’s on, everybody you follow as the potential to see you look great or see you mess up.

Social platforms & brand breakdown. Source: Ad Week.

Social platforms & brand breakdown. Source: Ad Week.

I’m not a livestreamer (I enjoy being behind the camera rather than in front #IntrovertsUnite) but my wife is the perfect candidate for livestreaming.  Not only is she beautiful but as a famous chef she has tons of culinary tips to share with people.  So as her resident tech expert, I started to ask the question of “How can I livestream to multiple social media channels?”

So What’s The Answer?

When I say “channels”, I’m really talking about social media accounts (i.e. Twitter/Periscope, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, YouTube Live).  I’ve only listed those four because they have the lowest barrier to entry.  That’s a fancy way of saying, it’s easy to livestream on these channels because you already have friends and family who will be inclined to watch.  Versus using something live UStream or Livestream where you have to build an audience.

Spoiler Alert:  There is a free way and a pay-to-play way to livestream on various social media channels but unfortunately there is no silver bullet.  Meaning that there is no app, or program, or software that will let you whip your phone out and livestream to all the major players at once.  Bummer, I know.  The reason is because each of these players would have to open up an API for livestreaming.  Some have but most don’t want to because they want you to livesteam within their platform and their platform only.  Each one wants to have a monopoly on livestreaming.  It’s advantageous to them for you to use their platform but cripples you into having to pick one.  This is what technologist refer to as a walled garden.

A reasonable person might tell you “Pick one social media channel, stick with it, and groom your audience to watch your livestreams there”.  But this is not about being reasonable, this is about controlling your streams over multiple channels, this is about doing what you want to do, THIS IS SPARTA!!! (got a tad carried away)

How To Setup Multiple Livestreams For Free?

Hate to break it to you but to setup multiple livestreams (and do it for free) you’ll need to have a device for each livestream.  For example, I can utilize four devices (a Mevo camera, a tablet, a two iPhones) to livestream over Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, & YouTube.  It helps to have a small camera tripod or something where you can prop the devices up on.  Sign into your profile in each device and livestream away!

Using Paid Software To Setup Multiple Livestreams

If you want to invest a little money into your livestream productions you can pay for webcasting software that will give you the ability to control multiple livestreams from one source.

Telestream WireCast:  WireCast is a piece of software that you can download to manage multiple livestreams at once.  The software (WireCast Studio 7) is $495 for the average user but only allows two of the 4 major players (Facebook Live & YouTube Live)

Joicaster helps you manage multiple livestream platform for a monthly fee

Joicaster helps you manage multiple livestream platform for a monthly fee

Joicaster:  Joicaster is a web based platform that you pay per month ($25.00) to manage your streams.  They have a couple more platforms that you can control 3 of the 4 (Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube) but currently does not support Instagram Live.


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