NOLA Riverwalk Time lapse - Chris Boudy
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NOLA Riverwalk Time lapse

Jul 26 2015

NOLA Riverwalk Time lapse

When I first got into videography I was fascinated by time lapses.  After doing some research, I found out that most people use something called an intervalometer.  It’s a device that you connect to your DSLR camera that allows you to take pictures at certain intervals (i.e. one second, two seconds, etc).  Personally I found them to be a little cumbersome and since I was just starting out, I wanted to find a cheap method of doing it.  I found a dongle called Trigger Trap.  You connect it to your camera and your phone.  Open up the app and it helps you setup your timelapse.  The nerd inside me was happy.  But it wasn’t until months later that I finally put it to use.


On a hot Sunday, my wife and I went over to the Riverwalk and did a test to see how it worked.  I took 400 photos over 13 minutes which produced an 11 second time lapse.  This was a good test for me because I was nervous about making sure I had the right camera settings and battery life but it was easier than I thought.  At least now I know that I’ll need to bring a book to read if I want to do longer time lapses in the future.

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