Personal Tech Concierge - Chris Boudy
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Personal Tech Concierge

Helping You With Technology
Making technology work for you, not the other way around

Technology can be frustrating. It’s always changing. Sometimes it breaks. Sometimes it can be hard to set up or to learn how to use. It doesn’t have to be. My name is Chris and I’m a Personal Technology Concierge. That’s a fancy way to say I help make your technology work for you instead of frustrating you. If you get a new phone, computer, or tablet I can help you set it up. If you have a machine that doesn’t work, I will come fix it. I also offer training on how to use all kinds of technology, from getting online to Microsoft Word to taking a picture from a cell phone. I’ve been working in technology my whole life. It’s my job and my passion. I want to help you with technology so you can connect with the people and things that you love.

My Services

I offer help personalized so you can use your technology. This could be when you have a problem or just need help understanding how to use your computer, phone, tablet, or other technology.


Here are some of the reasons why you might need my help:


  • Set up a new phone, tablet, or computer
  • Need help creating strong passwords and protecting myself from identity theft
  • My computer is broken

  • Connect to the Internet and people you know on it
  • My computer is running slow
  • I don’t know how to backup my pictures, documents, or videos




Do you have a broken computer or an error message popping up? I can help you install software, removing pop-up, viruses, malware, and fix your computer problems.


Mobile Devices

Have a smartphone or tablet that needs to be properly setup? Getting notifications or messages on your device and don’t know what to do about it? Let me help you setup your phone or tablet the right way so you can have easy access to your e-mails, games, texts, and online accounts.



Online Accounts

Want to get online and get connected to your family and friends? We can create an email account, put your contacts into the computer, setup family sharing and/or photo sharing, or create social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. We’ll go step-by-step to personalize how you can connect to the Internet and people you know on it.



Saving Your Important Stuff

Do you have family photos, important documents, or videos on your computer, phone, or tablet? What would happen if you lost this forever? Technology will eventually fail. But that doesn’t mean you have to let it take your precious memories with it. I’ll help you save and backup your important stuff across those devices.

Contact me today


$35 an hour

Includes desktop, laptops, hybrid computers, and all-in-ones

Mobile Devices

$30 an hour

Includes smart phones, smart watches, tablets, and wearable devices

Online Accounts

$20 an hour

Includes setting up and configuration any online or social accounts

Backup Data

$20 an hour

Includes saving your photos, videos, and documents and other data

Let’s Talk About How We Can Get Your Technology Working The Way You Want It!